How to get a quicker quotation for the roots blower ?

In order to give a quicker quotation for the roots blower, please provide us the following information:


  • Usage and use conditions

Specify your usage, location, and running conditions such as continuous or intermittent.


  • Air-Capacity

Specify the required air-capacity is based on the standard conditions

(1 Atm., 20° C, relative humidity 65%) or on the referential conditions. Unless otherwise specified, air-capacity is indicated in the inlet conditions rather than the outlet conditions.


  • Pressure

Please specify whether the pressure is constant or variant. In the variant case, please specify the corresponding relationship between the air-capacity and pressure, such as air-capacity increases when the pressure decreases, and vice versa. Please also provide the range of variation and specify whether the pressure


specified is the static pressure at the outlet or the differential pressure between the inlet and outlet. Specify whether the inlet pressure is at 1Atm. If not, the differential pressure between the inlet and outlet should be provided.


  • Type and Specific Weight of the Gas Transported Please Specify the following items:

v Gas type and its ingredients

v Portion and size of other ingredients

v The Specific weight

v Chemical characteristics

v Suggested materials

v Whether the gas is explosive or toxic

Ordinary air shall be used if none of the above items is provided.


  • Temperature of theGas

The standard Roots Blower is for transporting a gas of normal inlet temperature. If the inlet temperature is high, the rotor of the blower may seize due to thermal expansion. Let us know if the inlet temperature is higher than the normal temperature, so we can incorporate special design for the high- temperature conditions.


  • ElectricMotor

For a motor driven unit, please advise the voltage, frequency, phase, etc. of your electricity.

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