Precautions for Heating Ventilation Installation

1. Natural air inlet and mechanical air exhaust are adopted.
2. The installation of ventilator shall meet the following requirements:
a. The model and specification shall meet the design requirements, and the outlet direction shall be correct;
b. The impeller shall rotate steadily and shall not stay at the same position every time after stopping;
c. The anchor bolts for fixing the ventilator shall be tightened and anti loosening measures shall be taken. Inspection quantity: full inspection; Inspection method: check
according to the design drawing and observe
3. The assembly position of the impeller rotor and the casing of the fan shall be correct. The installation angle of the axial-flow fan blades assembled on site shall be consistent to operate in the same plane.
The clearance between the impeller and the cylinder shall be uniform, and the allowable deviation of levelness is 1/1000.
4. The inlet end of the axial flow fan must be equipped with an air collector and a protective wire mesh.
5. The fan base must be naturally connected with the base plane at the installation site, and it is not allowed to knock the bolt for forced connection to prevent the base from deformation.
During installation, the machine base shall be calibrated with a level ruler, padded to maintain its horizontal position, and then the anchor bolts shall be tightened. .
6. For all iron parts, the surface shall be coated with two coats of anti-rust paint, and one coat of ready mixed paint after install at ion However, during paint construction, fire protection, antifreeze, rain protection and other measures shall be taken, and the work shall not be carried out in low temperature or humid environment.
The last coat of color paint for exposed parts shall be carried out after installation.

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