Optimizing Indoor Comfort and Air Quality: How RH Sensors Revolutionize AHU Performance

As HVAC industry experts at Zibo Decent Machinery, we had the pleasure of working with a customer from Israel who needed to add a relative humidity (RH) sensor to their air handling unit (AHU). Maintaining optimal indoor comfort and air quality is crucial for occupant health and productivity, and RH sensors play a critical role in achieving this. However, the customer had strict requirements regarding the overall dimensions of the AHU, making it challenging to install the RH sensor between the coils.

The RH sensor works by detecting changes in resistance value, which then translates into relative humidity readings. To ensure optimal performance and sufficient airflow, we had limited space available and had to position the fan coil in specific places, resulting in small gaps between the coils. We proposed installing the RH sensor at the front and back of the two coils and marking the precise locations on the blueprint, allowing for accurate and reliable humidity measurements without compromising airflow or performance.

This solution was backed by professional literature and data, as indoor relative humidity levels play a significant role in maintaining occupant health and comfort, as well as protecting building materials. According to ASHRAE Standard 55-2017, the recommended range for indoor relative humidity levels is between 30% and 60% to ensure optimal thermal comfort. Meanwhile, the American Lung Association recommends keeping indoor relative humidity levels below 50% to prevent mold growth, which can cause respiratory issues.

In another instance, we helped a customer whose AHU experienced frequent breakdowns due to high humidity levels. By installing an RH sensor, we were able to detect when relative humidity levels exceeded a certain threshold, triggering an automatic shutdown and warning signal that prevented costly repairs and downtime.

At our company, we are committed to providing tailored and efficient HVAC system solutions to meet each customer’s specific needs. Our team ensures that every project is backed by research, data, and professional expertise to deliver reliable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient solutions that exceed expectations. So if you’re ever in need of HVAC solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us at Zibo Decent Machinery for expert guidance and support.

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