Coking plant pipe belt head bag filter project

Steel ironmaking plant 400m2 sintering machine finished product electrostatic precipitator efficiency improvement project dust removal fan

The main shaft of the fan meets the requirements of UT level 2 flaw detection. The shaft disk on which the impeller is installed is an integral forged structure.
The surface of the impeller needs to be attached with composite wear-resistant materials to ensure that the fan can run for a sufficient time under accident conditions.

The general drawing of the fan (the figure should indicate the model, design flow, design total pressure, spindle speed, shaft power, efficiency, total weight of the fan, related interfaces, external dimensions, fan rotation, inlet and outlet angles, moment of inertia of the fan rotor, etc. )

Fan: double-suction double-support centrifugal fan, flue gas volume 880,000m3/h; flue gas volume 580,000m3/h, flue gas temperature is designed at 150°C, and the maximum does not exceed 200°C

Motor: 1800KW 10KV; 1250KW 10KV

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