New Order! Golden Mining Ventilation System for Serbia!

The southwestern region of Serbia, particularly the area around Belgrade, is renowned for its abundant geological resources. Within the borders of Serbia, numerous gold mines are distributed, with many of them operating as underground mining sites. These gold mines boast substantial reserves and have the potential to extract high-quality gold ore. The significance of gold mining in this region extends beyond resource extraction; it plays a pivotal role in Serbia’s economic development, contributing substantial revenue to the nation and generating employment opportunities for the local population.

Our newly established partnership involves a client company situated in the Belgrade region, recognized as one of the largest operators of gold mines in the area. They have approached us to assist in the design of an underground gold mine ventilation system that can effectively meet the occupational needs of their workforce.

Throughout our engagement with the client company, they have raised inquiries related to our products and services, which has enabled us to gain a deeper understanding of their requirements.

Initial Collaboration and Client Concerns:
The initiation of a new partnership often brings forth apprehensions from clients, particularly concerning professionalism and service quality. To address these concerns, we have enlisted the expertise of Mr.Branislav Mihajlovic, a technical specialist within our team. Mr.Branislav Mihajlovic possesses an in-depth understanding of gold mine ventilation systems. His interactions with the client include an introduction to our company’s background, experience, technical prowess, and a showcase of successful projects in similar domains. Additionally, Mr.Branislav Mihajlovic offers recommendations pertaining to gold mine ventilation, demonstrating our capacity to solve problems and optimize systems. By addressing client uncertainties and providing specialized advice, we are committed to establishing a strong collaborative relationship and collectively achieving success and development in gold mining.

Mining Ventilation Fan simulation& selection by Mr.Branislav Mihajlovic through Ventsim:

Mining Fan datasheet:

Model FBD-42
Air Volume 752 m3/min 
Total Pressure 2760Pa
Motor Power 2*37kw
Speed 2900rmp
Impeller Diameter 750mm
Motor 400V50hz3P
Motor type: common
Insulation grade F
Fire-protection Rating IP55
Fan Outlet Diameter 600mm (can connect with 600mm vent tube)
Size 4200*1300*1300
Weight 1350kgs
Casing carbon steel Q235;5mm
Flange carbon steel Q235; 10 mm
Blade carbon steel; 8mm

Golden Mine Fan drawing:

Photo of mining axial fan:

Video Presentation by Mr.Branislav Mihajlovic 

Mr.Branislav Mihajlovic Wikipedia Page 

Fan IP and Insulation Ratings:
Complying with local regulations in Serbia, electrical equipment is required to meet IP55 standards, alongside an F-class insulation rating. The IP55 rating signifies robust dust and water resistance, allowing the equipment to operate reliably even in harsh conditions. Meanwhile, the F-class insulation rating signifies heightened heat resistance and insulation capabilities, which are crucial for adapting to the elevated temperatures and humidity levels inherent to gold mine environments. These requisites ensure the stability of equipment performance in the specialized working conditions of a gold mine, consequently mitigating the risk of malfunctions.

Voltage Specifications:
The gold mine operates on a 400V 50Hz 3-phase electrical system. Electrical specifications can vary across different regions due to historical and developmental factors. In this context, it is essential to ensure that our equipment aligns with the local voltage standards to ensure seamless operations. We are also prepared to accommodate customizations if the client requires specialized voltage specifications.

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