DECENT Daily FAQ Show-Why Dust Control?


After dust is formed, dust control systems are used to reduce the dust, catching and dropping dust particles to ground. A well-designed dust control system can protect workers and usually provide other benefits, such as:
1. Prevents and reduces the risk of dust explosion and fire.
2. Prevents potential accidents by improving the vision.
3. Prevents unpleasant odors.
4. Reduces cleaning and maintenance costs.
5. Reduces the abrasion especially in components like bearings and pulleys which fine dust particles has serious wearing effects.
6. Increases the motivation and productivity of the workers.
7. Provides continuous compliance with existing occupational health and safety regulations.

For an effective, cost efficient and reliable dust control system; planning, design installation, operating and maintenance are essential.

Decent Fog Cannon has been designed to tackle the problem of airborne dust particles generated by open mining activities, general demolition work and bulk material handling Fog Cannon has been shown to suppress up to 95% of airborne dust particles. And the long throw distance is usually necessary for this. Fog Cannons are also useful for dust suppression of stockpiles where their low water use is an advantage.
At present, in many open yards and operation sites, operation dust and local dust are the problems of dust control. As a professional manufacturer of dust removal equipment, we can design a long-range spray solution for customers according to the actual pollution situation on site and the amount of dust to achieve the ideal dust control effect.

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