Knowledge!Woodworking dust collector winter equipment maintenance

Winter is coming. In order to ensure the normal use of machinery, reduce the failure rate, and prevent and reduce the occurrence of mechanical accidents, it is necessary to do a good job of seasonal maintenance, cold protection and safe use of mechanical equipment before winter. Special equipment should be maintained with special care. Develop work plans for seasonal maintenance, cold protection and safe use, prepare spare parts and accessories for winter use/maintenance, and strictly implement them. Improve and implement the safety responsibility system.

Key points for winter maintenance of machinery and equipment

When mechanical equipment is used in winter, due to the cold climate, the starting resistance of the reducer increases, and the wear of parts increases significantly. Therefore, corresponding maintenance measures must be taken before winter begins, and maintenance must be strengthened to ensure that the mechanical equipment survives the winter safely.

  • Point one:

Replace various lubricants and greases used in winter. When winter comes, the transmission, main reducer, steering gear, etc. should be replaced with winter lubricants, and the bearings should be replaced with low dropping point grease.

  • Point two:

Check the fan belt system to prevent slipping caused by dew and frost in winter. The gear oil should be replaced with winter oil in time to prevent the oil from becoming thick and unable to operate.

Key points of insulation for fire sprinkler systems

  • Thermal insulation cotton

Check whether the insulation cotton of outdoor sprinkler water pipes is damaged and repair it in time.

  • Electric heating system

Check the sprinkler electric heating system to see if there is a cable short circuit, power supply damage, etc. The electric heating system should be activated when the outdoor temperature reaches below zero.

  • The electromagnetic valve

Check whether the solenoid valve is damaged. The energized part of the solenoid valve is well protected to prevent snow accumulation and frozen water from entering the solenoid valve and causing a short circuit.

  • Sprinkler

Check whether the sprinkler head is intact to avoid freezing and cracking of the sprinkler head.

Key points for winter maintenance of electrical components

  • Aging of indoor electrical components and circuits

Pay attention to check the original parts of electrical appliances and circuit parts. Due to the cold weather, the toughness weakens and becomes brittle, which may lead to breakage, leakage, and connection. Electrical parts in the open air should be fully inspected for freezing and frost before starting in the morning to prevent water leakage and leakage in warm weather.

  • Outdoor circuit bridge sealing

Pay attention to the sealing of the wiring part of outdoor electrical components. When snow and ice melt, water can easily enter the electrical connector parts and cause a short circuit. Pay attention to inspection and reinforcement of road crossings and elevated sections to avoid collapse due to snow accumulation.

Check safety precautions for maintenance personnel

  • Point one:

Anti-freeze, when performing outdoor maintenance work in winter, pay attention to keeping warm. At the same time, you need to pay attention to thickening gloves and clothes. Personnel perception becomes weaker, and the operation process needs to be upgraded and managed.

  • Point two:

Anti-slip. Avoid climbing operations in strong winds, rain or snow. If you really need to repair equipment, please upgrade your operations when working at heights. Pay attention to the cleaning and anti-skid working platforms and ladders.

  • Point three:

After rainy and snowy weather, pay attention to check the snow and ice in outdoor equipment pipes, and check the hoisting wire ropes and supporting structures to avoid overweight collapse and other phenomena.

  • Point four:

Strictly abide by the safety operating procedures of machinery and equipment and the system of employment with certificates

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