Knowledge!Selection methods and principles of combined air conditioning units

  1. Box

Adopt modular design to improve the interchangeability of various parts. The box panel adopts a flat-jointed structure and is fixed on the section steel through bolts to form a sealed box to ensure that there is no condensation on the outer surface of the whole machine.

1) Box board: 50kg/m3 flame-retardant polyurethane is used as the insulation material, and the outside is made of colored steel plates (stainless steel can be used for special requirements), which has good insulation performance. The box board and frame are made of sealing materials, which can effectively reduce the air leakage rate of the unit.

2) Frame: Made of section steel, and the surface is treated with anti-corrosion using electrostatic spraying.

3) Box body: It adopts the latest cold bridge-free structural design, which improves the heat preservation capacity and air tightness of the unit. The air leakage rate of the whole unit is ≤3%.

4) Base: The unit comes with a rigid base with a height of 130mm. The surface is anti-corrosion treated using electrostatic spraying technology and has the same insulation effect as the box board.

5) Access door: Set the access door according to the maintenance needs of the functional section. The material of the access door is the same as the material of the box panel. The positive pressure section of the access door opens inward and the negative pressure section opens outward, ensuring a low air leakage rate of the unit.

6) The inner wall of the purification box is made of color steel plate.

  1.  Fan section

Depending on the wind pressure, the fan adopts double-inlet forward-curved, backward-curved or airfoil-type centrifugal fans. This type of fan has superior aerodynamic characteristics; accurate operating point, wide area, small vibration, low noise, long life and other characteristics.

1) The motor adopts a three-phase asynchronous motor, which has good reliability and can adapt to the requirements of frequency conversion speed regulation. Protection grade: IP54 or IP55; Insulation grade: Class B or F.

2) Variable air volume speed regulation device: As an option for users to choose, the variable air volume speed regulation method is frequency conversion speed regulation or variable speed speed regulation.

3) Rigid fan frame: The centrifugal fan and motor are installed on the same steel fan frame, and the tightness of the belt can be easily adjusted.

4) Vibration reduction device: In order to eliminate the vibration impact of the fan assembly on the unit, a vibration reduction device is installed between the base and the wind turbine frame for vibration isolation, which effectively reduces the vibration of the unit. The vibration reduction efficiency reaches 85%.

  1.  Surface cooling section

1) Surface cooler: It adopts the structure of corrugated aluminum fins covered with heat exchange tubes. It is stamped by equipment and made by mechanical expansion of the tubes, which avoids oil accumulation inside the tubes, makes it difficult to accumulate dust on the surface, is easy to clean, and effectively prevents the growth of germs; every Each coil has been strictly cleaned to ensure the surface cleanliness of the heat exchanger, thereby ensuring the heat exchange effect of the heat exchanger. A bleed valve is provided at the highest point of the coil header to remove air from the heat exchanger to ensure that the heat exchange performance is not affected; a drain outlet is set at the lowest point of the coil header to prevent the heat exchanger from freezing and cracking and ensure that the unit Safe operation in winter and summer. The working pressure can reach 1.6MPa. If low-temperature hot water (<65℃) is used in winter, it can be used in winter air conditioning systems.

2) Water baffle: Use corrugated multi-fold water baffle to control the water flow in the surface cooling section to less than 3×10-4kg/kg. This measure is especially suitable for high temperature and high humidity areas and occasions with large fresh air volume. important.

3) Condensate water pan: Made of cold-rolled steel plate (stainless steel plate can be used for special requirements) and spray-coated; dry water pan design, the water pan has a 1.5% slope slope drainage outlet, and drainage water is installed outside the unit Sealing ensures the drainage of condensed water and keeps the water pan dry. Effectively prevent bacterial growth.

  1. Steam heating section

The steam heater adopts the GLII type with steel tubes wrapped around steel sheets, and the surface of the finned tubes is galvanized.

  1. Filter section

Various types of filters produced according to standards are used, which have the characteristics of high filtration efficiency, small wind resistance, stable performance, strong versatility, and reusability. The primary filter has a service life of up to 2 years and can be washed more than 12 times.

Filter section accessories: differential pressure meter (or differential pressure display meter) can be configured according to user requirements.

  1. Silencing section

The silencing section adopts a micro-perforated plate type, which has the characteristics of wide silencing frequency range, high silencing efficiency, and low air resistance.

  1. Electric heating section

Electric heating sections can be configured according to user requirements.

  1. Unit automatic control device

This item is optional, and corresponding control level systems can be provided according to the specific requirements of users, such as switch control, continuous control, programmable control, centralized control and remote monitoring, etc.

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