Do you know the importance of medical equipment refrigeration?

Do you know the importance of medical equipment refrigeration?

Refrigeration plays a vital role in the function and performance of medical equipment used to improve and save lives in the medical industry. With so many production lines, your components need a dedicated cooler with excellent consistency and reliability. Industrial medical chillers provide higher temperature accuracy and specially designed functions to maximize uptime, allowing you to operate 24*7. Next, DECENT MACHINERY will introduce the correct cooling method in detail to maximize the uptime of the components, including questions to ask before choosing the best cooling method for you.

Comfortable Type chiller and Medical Type chiller

The secret to increasing uptime is the type of chiller you are using. One of the biggest mistakes we see in the medical industry is choosing standard comfort refrigerators instead of industrial grade medical refrigerators. Although standard comfort chillers have a place in some commercial applications, medical equipment is not one of them. The standard comfort cooler lacks vital performance, and these features may greatly reduce component uptime.

Standard comfort cooler

Standard comfort coolers are not suitable for cooling medical equipment. These chillers can only run for four, five or six months when the weather gets warmer. When the cold months come, many comfort radiators will have cooling problems, which shortens the uptime of medical equipment.

Medical refrigerator

On the contrary, medical chillers are dedicated to process cooling and run year-round, which is very suitable for medical components. Whether it is 125˚F or -40˚F or any temperature in between, they can maintain consistent performance. This wide range of swing is possible thanks to a larger condenser (for warm weather) and the head pressure can be controlled in cold weather.

When comparing the differences between the two types of chillers, industrial medical chillers are ideal for medical equipment, especially when uptime and performance are the main considerations.

Medical chiller application

MRI scanner

From imaging machines to pharmaceutical equipment, the medical equipment suitable for refrigeration by medical chillers varies greatly. As a visionary medical chiller manufacturer, we design, manufacture, and test refrigeration solutions to maximize the uptime of the following products:

►MRI machine

►CT Scanner

►Linear accelerator

►Laboratory reagents and pharmaceutical equipment

Do you need to refrigerate medical equipment not listed here? Contact us to get morn information.

Regarding how to set the temperature? how to control the unit ? and how about the budget? Please pay attention to our next news


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