What is the Tesla rating of your components?

What is the Tesla rating of your components?

If you need a medical cooler for imaging machines, knowing the strength of the magnet in the Tesla unit can help us design a solution that specifically meets its requirements.

►What temperature is needed?

Medical equipment requires precise temperature control to extend uptime. We provide capacity adjustment functions without the need for high compressor cycles to help our recirculation system maintain precise temperatures at +/- 1°F.

►Which type of refrigerant liquid will you use?

The type of refrigerant you use depends on the temperature of the medical chiller. Our system uses only EPA-approved refrigerants, which is part of our commitment to being environmentally responsible.

►What flow rate is required?

Medical chillers usually require dedicated high-pressure pumps to ensure that fluids flow through the system efficiently while the components are running. If the pump size is not determined for the inevitable pressure drop throughout the process, efficiency and performance will be compromised.

►What is the thermal load change?

When the medical imaging device performs a scan, the heat load is 100%, and then drops to 10-20% between scans. The medical chiller we designed can handle large load changes in a long-running time, so the compressor will not be turned on and off when processing components.

►What is your expected capacity output?

Converting from a single-circuit medical cooler system to a dual-circuit medical cooler system can reduce the capacity output by up to half. If reducing output power is near the top of your priority list, we will help you choose an efficient medical chiller, which will help you get the maximum uptime.

►How is your climate?

The medical chiller we designed can operate all year round in any climate. Knowing your environmental factors (such as temperature and humidity) can help us design the best solution for you.

►What level of “smart” control functions do you want?

Like the intelligence behind smart home technology, we provide a user-friendly micro-processing solution, no matter where you are, you can control the medical cooler with the touch of a button. With this option, you can log in remotely, receive text or email alerts, get virtual technical support, etc.

►What level of redundancy is required?

Because you measure efficiency based on uptime, you need a system that takes redundant circuits and other backup systems into consideration when designing. Our medical chillers can be equipped with other redundant options, such as city water supply bypass equipment, to help you maintain normal operation.

►What is your budget?

Finally, considering your budget will help us tailor a solution for you. We have a standard product line with customization capabilities, allowing you to choose to stock fast shipping items or customize stock items using only the bells and whistles you need.

We also provide fully customized solutions for more complex applications. Make sure to let us know any special requirements you need, including fire protection, NEMA 4 electrical protection, preventive alarms, or custom control programming.

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