Decent Machinery of China has achieved a breakthrough with its “ultra-low noise office fan”

To further meet the needs of our customers for low noise fans, the company’s independent research and development of the technology department of ultra-low noise fans after repeated tests, has been through the noise of the fan products quality supervision and inspection center and performance test, the current low noise fan noise results in 80 decibels, can fully meet the requirements of customer’s local fan noise.

The ultra-low noise local fan is composed of a tower muffler, import muffler, first and second level enclosure, motor, first and second level impeller, export muffler and joint, and other components. All components are made of high-quality carbon steel. The air duct is made of cold rolled punching steel plate, flow collecting hood, flow guide cone, etc., which has a good flow guide effect. The silencing device is made of ultrafine glass fiber, oil-immersed sound insulation felt, etc. wrapped outside the punching plate, double layer design, filling uniform and dense; Medium and high-frequency sound waves are dissipated by the friction of porous pores into heat energy. The low-frequency acoustic wave in the muffler layer is reflected back and forth friction is weakened, and the noise reduction effect is at the leading level of the fan industry. It effectively alleviates the anxiety and irritability of mine workers caused by noise and improves production efficiency.

This year, our company will “strengthen management innovation”, “pay attention to talent training”, “improve scientific and technological innovation”, and give full play to the technical level and leading position of the “DECENT” brand in the industry.

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