Mining Extraction Short Shaft Axial Fan

Decent Machinery launched new mining axial fans, which combines the advantages of counter-rotating fan and long-axis fans.
1. The motor and the impeller are driven by the connection of the bearing seat. Due to the use of a separate transmission group, a reasonable bearing configuration can be selected according to the actual force conditions such as the impeller’s weight, rotational speed, and axial force generated by the high-speed operation.
2. The supporting bearing of the bearing seat independently bears all the loads of the fan rotor, which improves the safe service cycle and avoids potential safety hazards.
3. The bearings of the transmission group are lubricated by thin oil, and the temperature is controlled and adjusted, which is not affected by climate and other factors, which can ensure that the bearings are in a normal lubrication state all year round, strengthen the protection of the bearings, and prolong the life of the bearings by 200%. Generally, there is no need to replace them within 10 years. bearing. The thin oil station is equipped with a separate automatic control unit. Various abnormal conditions have corresponding protection measures and chain alarm functions and have the functions of local display and remote transmission to the central control room.
4. Temperature sensors and vibration sensors are installed in the bearing parts. One is used and one is prepared and the remote transmission interface is reserved. It can not only monitor the bearing continuously but also cooperate with the online monitoring device to complete the anti-surge function.

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