Congratulations!New strategic cooperation with Afghan Pharmaceutical Factory for the Refrigeration project!

Zibo Decent Machinery recently announced a partnership with a well-known pharmaceutical factory in Afghanistan to successfully carry out a chiller project. This collaboration is a continuation of the long-term relationship between both parties and also represents a significant breakthrough for Zibo Decent Machinery in the Middle East market.

As a professional manufacturer and developer of refrigeration equipment, Zibo Decent Machinery has enjoyed a good reputation in domestic and international markets. The pharmaceutical factory has been cooperating with Zibo Decent Machinery in chiller projects since 2019 and has achieved remarkable results in the field of chillers.

It is reported that this latest order is based on Zibo Decent Machinery’s excellent performance in terms of quality and service. The pharmaceutical factory highly recognizes the product quality and technical strength of Zibo Decent Machinery and speaks highly of the outstanding service capabilities of their professional team.

The customer’s repurchase this time is for the installation of a chiller in their new factory in Herat. The chiller will be applied in the testing laboratory workshop to provide cooling, and it is required to operate during the winter season, meeting the operational conditions within the range of -14~45°C. We have designed an air-cooled chiller unit with a cooling capacity of 296 kW and set the water flow rate at 51 m³/h, which can effectively meet the customer’s needs.

Throughout the collaborative process, both parties have established effective communication mechanisms and a strong working relationship, ensuring the smooth progression of the project. This order further consolidates Decent Machinery’s position in the Middle Eastern market and showcases their competitiveness in the chiller industry.

Decent Machinery has committed to continuing their dedication to providing top-quality products and services to meet customer needs. In addition, the company hopes that their collaboration with the pharmaceutical company in Afghanistan will create more opportunities and achievements in the pharmaceutical industry.

This order not only represents a win-win partnership for Decent Machinery and the pharmaceutical company in Afghanistan but also demonstrates the competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing in the global market.

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