Visit Factory Test

Come to our factory for an inspection today, this is a centrifugal fan to be exported to India. First of all, we tested the air volume, pressure, current, and voltage of the fan. Second, we came outside to test the speed, vibration, and noise of the fan. All the testing process was operated by our engineers and professional technicians, and the whole process was carried out with video recording, in addition to the video, we also took pictures of the side view of the overall view of the fan and the details of the casing impeller welding, coupling, and other details.
We introduced laser cutting raw materials, robot welding of impellers, robot welding of casings, and sandblasting, these can not only make welds even and aesthetically pleasing but also speed up product completion time.
In addition, we use a shot blasting machine to further process the casing impeller to enhance the adhesion of the spray paint and make the appearance look brighter to reduce rust and corrosion due to weather or other reasons.
Before leaving the factory for transportation, a series of tests will be carried out to ensure quality and meet customer requirements. We can also according to customer requirements, the corresponding aspects can be tested, and professional test reports can be given.

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