Zibo Decent Machinery and Hilton Hotels Partner Again to Create the Perfect Swimming Experience

May 2023 – Zibo Decent Machinery and the globally renowned Hilton Hotels have once again joined forces, demonstrating their years of understanding and excellent working relationship. This collaborative project aims to provide a seamless swimming experience by utilizing a pool heat pump system to offer warm and comfortable water temperature for visitors.

For a long time, Zibo Decent Machinery has been closely working with Hilton Hotels, continuously upgrading and improving their facilities. This time, they have once again chosen Zibo Decent’s professional services to ensure that guests have a pleasant time in the swimming pool.

The pool heat pump system is currently the most popular swimming pool heating equipment known for its impressive reliability and efficiency. By heating and circulating the water, this system maintains a constant water temperature, providing swimmers with a comfortable experience throughout the year, whether in cold winters or hot summers.

This particular project involves raising the temperature of the 45,000-gallon massage pool by 2-3 degrees Celsius. The unit parameters we have configured for the customer are as follows:

Furthermore, Zibo Decent Machinery is committed to providing efficient and energy-saving solutions aimed at minimizing environmental impact. Their pool heat pump system incorporates advanced energy recovery technology to maximize energy utilization and reduce operating costs.

Hilton Hotels is extremely satisfied with the services provided by Zibo Decent Machinery, praising their professionalism and attention to detail demonstrated in past collaborations. This partnership reaffirms the long-standing tradition of stable cooperation between both parties.

A representative from Zibo Decent Machinery stated, “We greatly appreciate Hilton Hotels’ continued trust and support, and we are dedicated to providing them with the best service and solutions. We look forward to creating unforgettable swimming experiences and offering warmth and comfort in the water for Hilton Hotel’s guests.”

Through this collaboration, Zibo Decent Machinery and Hilton Hotels once again showcase their industry leadership and outstanding quality. Their partnership transcends mere business cooperation and represents a friendship built on mutual trust and shared growth. We believe this pool heat pump project will bring unparalleled aquatic fun and a relaxing experience for the guests.

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