Advantages of environmentally friendly fans

1. Protect the physical and mental health of workers, improve the construction environment, and achieve environmental protection and ventilation. The noise reduction measures adopted by the environmentally friendly fan are to change the direction of the intake air and optimize the structural design according to the principle of noise generation and transmission. Through better adsorption of medium and low-frequency noise and efficient isolation of high-frequency noise, the overall noise of the fan is eliminated and decays. The modular design composed of various silencing components can provide users with better transformation and purchase solutions.
2. It adopts fully-covered multiple noise-absorbing structures, which is a patented design. The high-molecular sound-absorbing material is filled between the casings, and its acoustic characteristic impedance performance makes the sound waves reflect at the interface and block high-frequency sound waves; its internal damping is high, which can block medium and low-frequency sound waves; the elasticity of the material itself and the tightness of the full coating, effectively avoid sound bridge transmission. After the wind flows through the main body, the noise can be attenuated by 25dB(A).
3. At present, this ultra-quiet fan has been included in a standard specification for environmental protection construction by the country (80 decibels within 1 meter, 50 decibels within 50 meters).
4. The environment-friendly fan can conduct meetings under the equipment during full-speed operation, and there is almost no noise.

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