What should be paid attention to when choosing a centrifugal fan?

Before choosing a centrifugal fan, we should understand the production and product quality of the centrifugal fan, such as the variety, specification, and special purpose of the product, as well as the development and promotion of new products. We should also fully consider the requirements of environmental protection in order to choose a good fan.

According to the physical and chemical properties of the gas conveyed by the centrifugal fan, choose centrifugal fans for different purposes. If there is an explosive and flammable gas, an explosion-proof fan should be selected; dust removal or pulverized coal should be selected as a dust removal or pulverized coal fan; corrosive gas should be selected as an anti-corrosion centrifugal fan;


When there are more than two centrifugal fans to choose from, the centrifugal fan with high efficiency and small size should be selected first: centrifugal fans with large adjustment range should also be compared, and the pros and cons should be weighed.


If the impeller diameter of the selected fan is much larger than that of the original fan, in order to use the original motor shaft, bearings, and brackets, calculate the start-up time of the motor, the strength of the original fan components, and the critical speed of the shaft.


When selecting a centrifugal fan, when the motor power is less than or equal to 75KW, a valve that is only used for starting cannot be installed. When the centrifugal boiler-induced draft fan is selected to discharge high-temperature flue gas or air, a start-up valve should be set to prevent overload during cold operation. When choosing a centrifugal fan, try to avoid using centrifugal fans to work in parallel or in series.


When it is unavoidable, centrifugal fans of the same model and performance should be selected to work together. When a series connection is used, there should be a pipeline connection between the first-stage centrifugal fan and the second-stage high-pressure hot air fan.


The new centrifugal fan selected should make full use of the original equipment and be suitable for on-site production, installation, and safe operation.


For a centrifugal fan system with noise reduction requirements, first, select a centrifugal fan with high efficiency and low impeller circumference speed to make it work at the high-efficiency point; according to the transmission mode of noise and vibration generated by the ventilation system, take corresponding noise reduction and reduction measures Vibration measures.

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