What is the principle of the CNC router?

What is the principle of the CNC router?

First of all, special design and typesetting software is installed in the general-purpose microcomputer to design and typeset graphics and characters, and automatically generate processing path information.

Secondly, the tool path data is transmitted to the single-chip microcomputer through the USB interface or other data transmission interface. The CNC system receives the tool path data, completes a series of functions such as display and user interaction, and uses a specific algorithm to convert the input path information into CNC information.

Thirdly, the controller converts this information into a signal (pulse train) for driving a stepping motor or a servo motor, and controls the X, Y, and Z axes of the engraving machine to move.

Finally, by milling at the same time, you can engrave various flat or three-dimensional graphic texts designed on the computer to realize engraving automation.

CNC Router

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