Knowledge!What should we pay attention to when using the fan bearing box?

The fan bearing box plays an integral role in the operation of the fan and is an indispensable accessory. Taking the C-type fan as an example, after the power cord is connected, the pulley on the motor end rotates, driving the pulley on the bearing box end to rotate. The bearings in the bearing box are directly connected to the fan impeller to rotate the impeller to generate the required air volume. So, Liaoning fan manufacturer would like to ask you what should you pay attention to when using the bearing box?

1) During the use of the bearing box, lubricating oil needs to be added as scheduled to keep it in good condition.

2) When installing the bearing box, the balance and stability of the centrifugal fan base must be maintained to ensure the smooth operation of the bearing box.

3) The bearing box is usually sprayed with an appropriate amount of paint on its surface to add its anti-corrosion function and extend its service life.

4) During the operation of the centrifugal fan, if the bearing box makes abnormal noise, it needs to be stopped immediately and inspected.

5) When a problem occurs with the bearing box, it cannot be disassembled at will and must be operated under the guidance of professionals.

Since the bearing box plays an important series role in the centrifugal fan, ZIBO DECENT MACHINERY CO., LTD tells everyone that you need to understand that if the installation position of the bearing box is unbalanced or the orientation is deviated, it will directly affect the fan. For normal operation, this problem cannot be ignored.

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