Consult the kiln fan used in the kiln production line

Today, our Vietnamese kiln factory customer asked us to consult the kiln fan used in the kiln production line. We introduced our kiln fan to the customer in detail. The most obvious advantage of the kiln fan is its aerodynamic performance. The furnace fan has high efficiency, stable operation, and low noise at work. In addition to these few vibrations and long service life, it is also one of the advantages of the furnace fan. The furnace fan developed by Zibo Decent Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., is to carry out eight performance tests on fans, all fans are tested by dynamic balance, so as to improve the performance of the furnace fan. The furnace fan can be started at full pressure or at reduced pressure, but we should pay attention that the current of full pressure starting should be 5-7 times the rated current, and the torque of reduced pressure starting should be proportional to the square of the voltage. If the grid capacity is insufficient, we should use a step-down start. When the furnace fan is being tested, we must carefully read the product titles, check that the wiring method is very similar to the wiring diagram, and carefully check whether the power supply voltage supplied to the furnace fan meets the requirements. The above is a little knowledge about the furnace fan. Our company produces a variety of furnace fans to provide customers with more choices. If you have other questions about the furnace fan and want to consult, we look forward to your inquiries. , Look forward to working with you.

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