Knowledge!Advantages and disadvantages of fan coil plus fresh air system

The fan coil plus fresh air system is divided into two parts, the central air conditioning fan coil and the fresh air system. The fan coil is the terminal equipment of the central air conditioner. The fresh air system bears the fresh air load to meet the indoor air quality. The fan coil plus fresh air system is a water system air conditioner. It is an important form and a relatively common form of air conditioning in private buildings.

Advantage 1: Flexible control, with the advantages of individual control, can flexibly adjust the temperature of each room, and determine the start and stop of the fan coil according to the usage conditions of the room;
Advantage 2: The fan coil unit is small in size, occupies a small area, is easy to arrange and install, and is even suitable for the renovation of old buildings;
Advantage 3: It is easy to realize system zoning control. The cooling and heating loads can be divided into several regional systems according to the room orientation, purpose of use, usage time, etc., and zoning control can be implemented;

Disadvantages of fan coil plus fresh air system (compared with all-air system)
Disadvantage 1: Due to the scattered installation of units and the large number of units, the maintenance and management workload is heavy;
Disadvantage 2: The indoor air quality is relatively poor, it is difficult to perform secondary filtration and condensation water seepage accidents are prone to occur.
Disadvantage three: The fan coil unit method itself has difficulty in solving the problem of fresh air volume. Since the static pressure of the unit’s fan is small, the air flow distribution is limited, so it is suitable for rooms with a depth of less than 6 meters.
The advantages and disadvantages of the fan coil plus fresh air system coexist. Reasonable design, appropriate equipment selection, and correct construction and installation can reduce the defects caused by the fan coil plus fresh air system. The above is just to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the fan coil plus fresh air system. , for designers, they can learn from each other’s strengths and offset their weaknesses; for consumers, they can seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, and choose an air-conditioning system that suits them.

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