Shock! What kind of equipment can spray up and down and left and right

Shock! What kind of equipment can spray up and down and left and right

Do you know? The fog cannon can operate the machine with wireless remote control from a distance of 100-200 meters, The horizontal distance can reach 340 degrees, and the vertical distance can reach -10 to 45 degrees.

A hydraulic pumping station system can be added to achieve a greater lift of the spray gun.

So there are two ways to operate the steering system: 1. Driven by the motor, it will be controlled by two low-power motors. 2. Hydraulic pump station support to realize mechanical transmission.

Pitching angle spray: pitching angle range from -10 degrees to 45 degrees. The Angle change is controlled by a hydraulic motor. The hydraulic brace will upward movement or  downward to adjust the spray cone to the angle according to the “down” or “up” button on the electric cabinet or remote control

A hydraulic system, installed on the bracket, is used to control the pitching angle. The system is composed of the oil cylinder, hydraulic motor, high-pressure tubing, hydraulic telescopic boom. Hydraulic oil must be regularly checked whether is enough or not. Hydraulic stations use the hydraulic oil: 46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil, low temperature resistant – more than 20 degrees. If the temperature is lower than in use – 20 degrees, the oil must be replaced by suitable temperature hydraulic oil. Check tubing and joint whether there is leakage and check screw loosening regularly

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