ZIBO Decent machinery company obtained the certificate of fire and smoke exhaust fan

On January 27, 2022, our company obtained the certificate of ” axial flow fire smoke exhaust fan” (jet fan) issued by the Fire Protection Product Conformity Assessment Center of the Ministry of Emergency Management, the model is SDS(R)-12.5.
The jet fan is a new type of fan carefully produced by our company after many types of research and tests. It is suitable for the operation and ventilation of tunnels such as highways, railways, and subways. During installation, according to the ventilation network parameters, it should be arranged longitudinally in series along the top of the tunnel or a centralized parallel arrangement at the cross-section of the tunnel air inlet. During operation, according to the visibility in the tunnel, start the corresponding number of fans, to achieve the purpose of fans. Therefore, the jet fan is a ventilation method with simple maintenance, economical installation, and operation.
1. The blades of the impeller are adjustable, lightweight, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, oxidation resistant, non-breakage, etc., which ensure the service life of the fan.
2. The blade section is an airfoil, which has an excellent aerodynamic shape and ensures the performance of a large thrust of the fan.
3. The number and angle of blades can be changed according to needs so that the performance range of the fan is wide and can meet the needs of different users.
4. Using a new type of micro-perforated plate sound-absorbing structure, the sound absorption coefficient is large, the sound absorption bandwidth is wide, and the noise is effectively reduced.
5. It can directly reverse the wind, and the reverse wind efficiency is more than 65% of the positive wind, and it can also reach more than 90% according to the user’s requirements.
6. The impeller, blade, and motor can be disassembled separately, which is convenient for inspection and maintenance.

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