Workshop quality inspection ensures high standards of Decent Machinery’s Fog cannons

During the quality check, Decent Machinery, as a leading manufacturer of Fog cannons, demonstrated their commitment to providing high quality products to their customers. After strict inspection and testing, every Fog gun in the workshop meets the required specifications and standards.

The inspection process begins with careful arrangements between the workshop and the quality inspection team. Two video recording devices were prepared to ensure that the entire inspection process could be recorded on video. This not only provides detailed documentation, but also provides a valuable basis for future reference.

During the Fog cannon evaluation process, the QA team focused on several key areas. An in-depth visual inspection first took place, requiring the shop to take overall photos and close-ups of the Fog cannon. This attention to detail allowed the team to fully assess the appearance of each Fog gun. Special emphasis is placed on checking the smoothness of welds and checking for scratches on painted surfaces. Also, check for any welds and if found, fine sand to ensure a seamless finish.

An operational check was performed next, checking the rotation mechanism of the Fog cannon in the up, down, left and right directions. Any obstructions or irregularities in the rotation process are carefully noted and promptly resolved to ensure smooth operation.

The final stage of the inspection involves comprehensive performance testing. The Fog cannon was activated to evaluate its Foging ability. The team verified that the range achieved by the Fog cannon matched the specified range, ensuring its effectiveness in real-world conditions.

After the inspection, the shop was asked to take additional photos and videos of the Fog cannon. The instructions emphasize that specific photographic guidelines must be followed, including horizontal composition, a clutter-free environment, and clear visibility of all details. These additional visuals ensure a comprehensive understanding of the product’s status and serve as strong evidence in the quality assurance process.

Through their rigorous quality checks, Decent Machinery has once again demonstrated their commitment to delivering a high standard of Fog cannons. This rigorous process guarantees that customers receive reliable and efficient equipment that meets all requirements.

With stringent inspections, Decent Machinery continues to solidify its reputation in the industry with a focus on customer satisfaction and product superiority. This commitment sets an example for other manufacturers in the industry, ultimately benefiting customers worldwide.

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