Why in industrial applications air-cooled chillers are by far less used respect to water cooled ones?

In industrial production, chiller is a very important equipment, it is widely used in many fields, such as pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry and so on. The types of chillers can be divided into air-cooled and water-cooled. However, in industrial applications, the use of water-cooled chillers is much higher than that of air-cooled.

heat radiation
The air-cooled chiller uses a fan to blow air across the surface of the condenser to dissipate heat through the air. The water-cooled chiller absorbs and discharges heat through water circulation. Under the same heat dissipation area and ambient temperature, the water-cooled chiller has a better heat dissipation effect, so it is more popular in industrial applications.

energy consumption
In industrial production, energy consumption is a very important issue. Air-cooled chillers need to consume a lot of electricity to drive fans and compressors, while water-cooled chillers need to consume a certain amount of electricity to drive water pumps. However, due to the better heat dissipation effect of the water-cooled chiller, its energy consumption is lower than that of the air-cooled chiller, which is very important for industrial production that needs to run for a long time.

Air-cooled chillers require a fan to blow air across the surface of the condenser, generating a certain amount of noise. The water-cooled chiller does not have this problem. In some places with strict noise requirements, such as hospitals, laboratories, etc., water-cooled chillers are more popular.

maintenance and maintenance
Air-cooled chillers require frequent cleaning and filter replacement to ensure their proper functioning. The water-cooled chiller requires regular cleaning of the water circuit and condenser to avoid damage to the equipment by scale and impurities. However, because the heat dissipation effect of the water-cooled chiller is better, the surface of the condenser is easier to clean, which is more convenient for maintenance and maintenance.

In summary, we can choose the appropriate air-cooled/water-cooled chiller according to actual needs

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