What are the dual weapons of dust suppression?

What are the dual weapons of dust suppression? 

Decent Machinery mainly deals with fog cannon and misting system, we have exported to many countries.

Purpose: dust removal, disinfection and cool down.

Use environment:Mining,tunnel,construction sites, agriculture, gardens, street disinfection, airports, ports, and so on.

Fog cannon can deliver water to the nozzle through the pressurization of the high-pressure ceramic wear-resistant plunger pump when the water supply pressure is 0.1-0.5mpa, and the fan can spray the atomized droplets to a distance of several tens of meters.

According to the principle of air delivery, first, use a high-pressure pump and a fine atomizing nozzle to atomize the water, and then use the air volume and pressure of the fan to send the atomized water mist to a longer distance, so that the water mist can reach a longer distance while covering more In a large area, the water mist, and dust fall down after condensation to achieve the purpose of dust reduction.


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