Video: Definition and components of a semi-trailer

A semi-trailer is a type of trailer commonly used in the transportation industry to haul freight. a semi-trailer is designed to be attached to a tractor unit and relies on it for support.

Semi-trailers come in a variety of sizes and configurations, but they all share some common components. The main body of the trailer is typically made of steel or aluminum and consists of a flatbed, box, or other specialized design. The frame of the trailer is usually reinforced with cross-members, which provide additional strength and support.

The suspension system is another important component of a semi-trailer. It is responsible for supporting the weight of the cargo and helping to absorb shocks and vibrations during transport. There are several types of suspension systems commonly used in semi-trailers, including air-ride, leaf spring, and torsion bar.

The braking system is also critical to the safe operation of a semi-trailer. Most modern semi-trailers are equipped with air brakes, which use compressed air to apply the brakes. The braking system typically includes brake drums, shoes, and other components.

Other important components of a semi-trailer include the landing gear, which supports the trailer when it is not attached to the tractor unit, and the lighting and electrical system, which includes brake lights, turn signals, and other safety features.

In summary, a semi-trailer is an essential component of the transportation industry, To ensure the safe and efficient transport of goods.

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