Ulfuric acid centrifugal blower

Under the high-speed operation of the fan, the speed of the pulley and the pulley increases, which is easy to cause accidental injury to the operator.
Ulfuric acid centrifugal blower This series of centrifugal blowers are used to transport SO2 (sulfur dioxide) gas, coal gas, air, etc. It has the characteristics of high pressure, low power consumption, low noise, convenient operation and maintenance, stable operation, and reliable sealing. This series of blowers have three structures: single-inlet cantilever type, double-inlet type, and double-supported type, and are driven by couplings. The casing is made of cast iron, which is good for anti-vibration and absorbing noise. The casing is horizontally divided up and down along the axis, which is convenient for maintenance. There is a flushing hole on the top and a drain hole on the bottom, which is convenient for cleaning the dirt in the casing. The impeller is welded by a high-strength alloy steel plate, and the rotor is calibrated by static and dynamic balance to ensure stable operation. This series of blowers use rolling bearings and sliding bearings respectively. For blowers with rolling bearings, high-speed ordinary skeleton rubber oil seals are set on both ends of the journal. The lubricating oil is stored in the bearing box and there is a cooler, and the bearing box is covered with a ventilating cover so that the air emitted by the lubricating oil can penetrate out of the box. For the blower with sliding bearings, it is forced to lubricate with oil from the thin oil station, and the lubricating oil is No. 32 or No. 46 engine oil. The lubrication system includes the main oil pump, electric oil pump, oil tank, oil cooler, oil filter, high oil tank, etc. When shutting down due to power failure, the high-level oil tank can continue to lubricate for a certain period of time to ensure the safe shutdown of the unit. The blower of this series has reliable sealing. The impeller inlet is equipped with a labyrinth seal, and the outside of the hub and the back of the casing are equipped with an axial and radial combined labyrinth seal. , There is a seal on the back cover of the casing, and there is an air hole and an oil cup.

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