Today is our monthly inspection in domestic project.

Today is our monthly inspection in domestic project.

Location: LuZhong Mining Group
(Iron Mine)

Year of fan production (fan): 2014

Product Usage

FBCDZ (BDK) series mine explosion-proof withdrawable counter-rotating axial flow fan is suitable for coal mine, metal, non-metal mine ventilation field.

Product main features

1. Won a number of national patents. The use of thin oil and automatic oil injection lubrication improves the safety and stability of the fan product operation and prolongs the service life. Compared with traditional fans, the noise is reduced by 5-10dB;

2. The application of bending-sweep combination orthogonal three-dimensional twist design technology, hub cone-sleeve connection technology, blade angle adjustment technology outside the machine, electric walking of the secondary unit and other technologies. Compared with traditional fans, the technical performance has been greatly improved, the efficiency has increased by more than 5%, and the energy saving effect is remarkable;

3. A constant temperature device is designed for the damper and other related parts of the product, which can switch and operate normally under the environmental conditions of minus 30 degrees Celsius; no need to build a reverse air duct, and directly reverse the wind. Compared with other long-axis or centrifugal fans, it saves more than 30% of capital construction funds.

Construction site in 2014

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