The role of fog cannons in steel mills

During the steel production process, exhaust gas emission is a serious environmental problem. The emission of exhaust gas has caused serious pollution to the environment, and also had a negative impact on the health of production workers. In order to reduce the emission of exhaust gas, steel mills have adopted various methods. One of the important methods is the use of fog cannons.

Fog cannon is a kind of high-pressure spray equipment. It sprays water mist at high speed to form a fog curtain, which effectively prevents the spread of dust, bacteria and harmful gases in the air. In steel mills, fog cannons are mainly used to reduce dust and gas emissions during steel production.

First, fog cannons can reduce dust emissions during steel production. During the steel production process, many materials will generate a large amount of dust, which will diffuse into the surrounding environment along with the air. If there are no effective control measures, these dusts will pollute the surrounding environment. The fog cannon can form a fog screen at the production site, wrapping the generated dust in the fog screen so that it cannot spread to the surrounding environment.

Second, fog cannons can also reduce gas emissions during steel production. In the process of steel production, a large amount of harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides will be produced. These harmful gases not only pollute the environment, but also have adverse effects on the health of production workers. The fog cannon can effectively reduce the concentration of these harmful gases by spraying water mist, protecting the surrounding environment and the health of workers.

In addition, fog cannons can reduce water consumption in steel mills. In the steel production process, a large amount of water is required for cooling, washing and other operations. The use of traditional water curtains or sprinkler systems requires a large amount of water, which not only wastes water resources, but also increases wastewater discharge. The fog cannon only needs a small amount of water to form a fog screen, which can effectively reduce water consumption and waste water discharge.

To sum up, the fog cannon has multiple functions in the steel mill and is a very important environmental protection equipment. Our company can customize the fog cannon model you need according to your needs and provide you with professional services.

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