Technical Highlights of Shutter Dampers

The louver damper is suitable for mine air volume adjustment, fan switching and other occasions. In recent years, with the continuous use of the non-stop wind reverse system, the louver damper has also been widely used.
The louver damper can shorten the fan switching time and reduce the risk of mechanical failure rate and gas overrun.
The louver damper can be used for hanging net damper and anti-air damper to realize non-stop wind reversal and non-stop production fan performance testing.
It has the advantages of convenient installation, small footprint, diverse installation forms, and high cost performance.

ZiBo Decent Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of fans and supporting equipment. Our company’s louver damper has been optimized and improved many times, and its technical level is in the leading position in the industry.
It has the following advantages:

1. The blades have good synchronous action and can be switched in place at one time;

2. The sealing effect is good. The blades are pressed and formed, and the bolts are fastened, which reduces welding deformation and has good consistency.
It also uses customized special sealing strips to ensure the airtightness of the louver damper, and the air leakage rate is far lower than 1%;

3. The connecting rod structure is adopted, which is convenient for installation and adjustment, and the closing degree can be adjusted by a single blade, saving 80% of the adjustment time;

4. It is equipped with electric heating anti-freezing device and remote control interface, and adopts explosion-proof control box to ensure safe production in the mine.

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