Send after-sales personnel to Russia to assist in the installation of the main ventilator

 Adhering to the service philosophy of “customer satisfaction, customer confidence” has been Decent Machinery, in order to do a good job in Russia’s export business, so that customers can use satisfactory, confident products. In November 2021, Decent Machinery sent two after-sales staff to Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula to assist in the installation of main ventilators. After overcoming the obstacles of language, region, climate, and living habits, the adverse impact of COVID-19, and the heavy difficulties of traffic occlusion, two after-sales staff and installers successfully installed two 32# main ventilators after nearly four months of hard work and passed the 72-hour safe operation test.
At present, the fan runs smoothly, and the technical parameters such as air volume and pressure, fan noise, and fan efficiency fully meet the design technical requirements. The ambient temperature of the installation and debugging site is -45 degrees, and the special switch damper of the air duct, the electric brake, and the butterfly valve of the air inlet have been successfully installed and tested. Vibration, temperature, rotational speed, and other sensors, online monitoring devices run well, and the whole after-sales service, and product quality by the Russian Kamchatka gold mine’s high evaluation.

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