High Efficiency 6900m3/H Pulse Bag Vacuum Cleaner For Cement Plant

High Efficiency 6900m3/H Pulse Bag Vacuum Cleaner For Cement Plant

The detail information of product:

Source: China
Certifications: SGS ISO CE
Model Number: PPC32-3


Minimum order quantity: Negotiate
Price: Negitionable
Packing details: Plastic film inner packing, export special wooden box outside packing.
Delivery time: 30 days after receiving the payment
Terms of payment: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Ability to provide: 100 sets/sets per month


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High quality efficient pulse bag vacuum cleaner for cement plant



1.High dust removal efficiency, and multiple dust removal methods above 99.9%;

2.It is equipped with a variety of normal, medium and high temperature cloth bags to handle different dusts of different properties and environments;

3.Diverse products with different specifications and models, with a wide range of options, can meet the needs of different working conditions;


The cloth bag is the “heart” accessory of the filter bag. The correct selection of bag filter material is very important. Dust removal provides users with a wide range of normal, medium and temperature filter bags. high to meet different working conditions.In addition to the bag, the dust removal system plays a decisive role in the dust removal efficiency of the bag filter. The dust removal method is one of the filter’s characteristics. bag filter and is one of its classification standards.According to the cleaning method, the bag filter is divided into three types: mechanical vibration cleaning bag filter, pulse jet bag filter and back blown bag filter .


Technical parameters

Model Filter area


Concentration of dust


Filtered air speed


Filter the air volume






Dimensions (mm)

Length × width × height



DMC24-Ⅱ 18 15 2-4 2160-4320 120-150 99.5 1090 × 1678 × 3367 1133
DMC36-Ⅱ 27 15 2-4 3240-6480 120-150 99.5 1490 × 1678 × 3367 1485
DMC48-Ⅱ 36 15 2-4 4320-8640 120-150 99.5 1890 × 1678 × 3367 1495
DMC60-Ⅱ 45 15 2-4 5400-10800 120-150 99.5 2290 × 1678 × 3367 1730
DMC72-Ⅱ 54 15 2-4 6480-12960 120-150 99.5 2690 × 1678 × 3367 1950
DMC84-Ⅱ 63 15 2-4 7560-15120 120-150 99.5 3090 × 1678 × 3367 2230
DMC96-Ⅱ 72 15 2-4 8640-17280 120-150 99.5 3650 × 1678 × 3367 2400
DMC120-Ⅱ 99 15 2-4 10800-21600 120-150 99.5 4450 × 1678 × 3367 2870

The long bag pulse vacuum cleaner can select differential pressure control and time control to clean dust according to different processing processes. The differential pressure control mechanism is to open and close the blowing process. reverse according to the resistance value of the dust collector. When the resistance of the vacuum cleaner reaches the preset value for dust removal, usually 1200-1500Pa, a control signal to start the blowback cycle is emitted. and the dust collector repeats the cycle of the “remove dust-settler” unit by unit until the resistance of the dust collector drops to the lower limit of the set resistance, usually 1000Pa. Control mechanism Pressure differential control can always control the resistance of the vacuum cleaner within the specified range, so that the vacuum cleaner maintains good dust removal efficiency and low operating energy consumption.

The long bag dust collection device is mainly composed of the upper box body, the middle box body, the ash hopper, the inlet air balance tube, the bracket, the filter bag and the blowing device, the ash unloading device, etc., and does not dust-containing gas flows out from the air inlet of the dust collector.Introducing the tube into the ash hopper of each compartment, under the adjustment of the ash hopper diverter, the large dust particles are separated and directly fall into the dust, while the fine dust enters the middle box and is adsorbed on the outer surface of the filter bag.Clean air enters the upper box and is discharged into the atmosphere through the outflow exhaust valves and pipes.As the filter condition increases, The dust on the filter bag accumulates more and more. When the resistance of the device reaches the limit resistance value (usually set When it is 1500Pa), after the ash cleaning device will automatically close the off-line valve of a room according to the set value of the pressure difference, the solenoid pulse valve will be opened according to the set procedure to stop blowing air, and the compressed air is used to immediately increase the pressure in the filter bag. Shake off the dust on the filter bag. (even if fine dust is sticky, it can be called thorough dust removal) into the ash hopper and discharged through the ash discharge mechanism. Decent Machinery FMQD / PPC air box pulse bag filter can provide users with different room numbers and different bag numbers PPC32, PPC64, PPC96, PPC128 and other specifications according to other cleaning conditions You can choose from the following table of specifications. If you need technical support, you can call the Decent Machinery service hotline: +86-0533-520-1284. After explaining the your cleaning site condition and needs with our expert and technical staff we will provide it free of charge Provide you with a safer and more affordable dust removal solution


Equipment advantage

▲ Dust cleaning more thoroughly Three offline cleaning method (filter, cleaning, static) is adopted to avoid cleaning “re-adsorption”.

▲ More flexible design According to the requirements of working conditions, the settling chamber can be designed to increase the life of the filter bag, the dust concentration can be as high as 1000g/Nm3.

▲ More convenient control Adopt PLC program or special pulse controller to control the dust removal, and it can be timed and manual, ensuring the efficient dust removal of the air compressor. Time description: set the time program to automatically clean the dust from room to room Instructions for use: Automatic control is used during normal working. When a machine has a problem, manual control can be switched randomly to avoid changing the program and causing excessive accumulation of ash in the ash hopper, jamming the drill bit or dust accumulation in the pipeline, reducing suction efficiency and causing damage. pipeline is clogged.

▲ Lower cost Separate chamber cleaning and spraying: One pulse valve can spray one chamber at a time (the number of filter bags has specification series 32, 64, 96). Compared with vacuum cleaners Normally, a 6 bag blower valve, the number of pulse valves is reduced from 6-20 times.

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