Air Pollution Control Vacuum Cleaner Bags SGS Jet Type Dedusting System

Air Pollution Control Vacuum Cleaner Bags SGS Jet Type Dedusting System

The detail information of product:

Source: China
Certifications: SGS ISO CE
Model Number: XMC pulse bag vacuum cleaner


Minimum order quantity: Negotiate
Price: Negitionable
Packing details: Plastic film inner packing, export special wooden box outside packing.
Delivery time: 30 days after receiving the payment
Terms of payment: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Ability to provide: 100 sets/sets per month
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Air Pollution Control Jet Type Dedusting System Vacuum Cleaner



  1. High dust removal efficiency, and multiple dust removal methods above 99.9%;
  2. It is equipped with a variety of normal, medium and high temperature cloth bags to handle different dusts of different properties and environments;
  3. Diverse products with different specifications and models, with a wide range of options, can meet the needs of different working conditions;

The cloth bag is the “heart” accessory of the filter bag. The correct selection of bag filter material is very important. Dust removal provides users with a wide range of normal, medium and temperature filter bags. high to meet different working conditions.In addition to the bag, the dust removal system plays a decisive role in the dust removal efficiency of the bag filter. The dust removal method is one of the filter’s characteristics. bag filter and is one of its classification standards.According to the cleaning method, the bag filter is divided into three types: mechanical vibration cleaning bag filter, pulse jet bag filter and back blown bag filter .

Technical parameters


MODEL Weight / kg) Unit Number of ink cartridges Filter area (m2) L * W * H (mm) Airflow (m/h)
SFF3-12 1720 first twelfth 276 1021 × 2275 × 4513 8400
SFF3-24 2600 2 24 552 2042 × 2275 × 4513 16800
SFF3-36 3640 3 36 826 3063 × 2275 × 4513 25200
SFF3-48 4840 4 48 1104 4084 × 2275 × 4513 33600
SFF3-60 6100 5 60 1380 5105 × 2275 × 4513 42000
SFF3-72 6860 6 72 1656 6126 × 2275 × 4513 50400
SFF4-16 2130 first 16 368 1021 × 2275 × 4996 11200
SFF4-32 3100 2 32 736 2042 × 2275 × 4996 22400
SFF4-48 4270 3 48 1104 3063 × 2275 × 4996 33600
SFF4-64 5580 4 sixty four 1472 4084 × 2275 × 4996 44800
SFF4-80 7000 5 80 1840 5105 × 2275 × 4996 56000
SFF4-96 8360 6 96 2208 6126 × 2275 × 4996 67200
  1. Bag vacuum cleaners are mainly used in asphalt mixing plants, cement plants, cement tanks, powder silo roofs, concrete batching plants, commercial concrete, ash storage, etc. Bag dust collector is also widely used in various industries; for example: Iron and steel industry, non-ferrous metallurgy industry, metal material industry, machinery industry; mining, smelting , chemical, fertilizer factory, compound fertilizer factory, rock wool factory, galvanizing factory, foodstuff, tobacco factory, textile factory, etc.
  2. The pulse bag filter is named after its own main characteristics. The “bag filter or bag filter” filter device of the pulse bag filter can effectively filter a large amount of smoke and dust, the exhaust gas concentration has reached moreover, low cost, can save operating costs, reduce maintenance costs, small floor space, can be customized according to user needs, etc.




1.Structure of DECENT MACHINERY XMC sub-chamber pulse filter bag:
△ Box body: bag room, pre-cleaning room, clean air room, perforated plate, filter bag, filter bag frame, box body is designed to withstand get a pressure of 9000Pa, much improved compared to the conventional bag filter;
△ Spraying system: main air duct, spray pipe, pulse valve, control device, using PLC or special pulse program control device, depending on the nature of dust and working environment, adjust accordingly management of cleaning cycle and pulse spray time to maximize the vacuum cleaner Ideal cleaning efficiency;
△ Ash hopper and ash discharger: divided into direct connection, the ash hopper is connected to the ash discharge valve through the conveying device;
2. According to the changing working environment, the DECENT MACHINERY XMC sub-chamber pulse bag filter is combined with solenoid valves of different specifications to adapt to a variety of complex dust removal environments. even in particularly cold northeast and northwest regions or when furnace smoke is below zero, additional heating and cooling equipment is required, and only a slight housing change is required without the need for new equipment, which saves a lot of money. many investment costs. for users.
3. Reasonable box structure and automatic control series effectively improve the working efficiency of XMC sub-chamber pulse bag filter. During the working process, dust-containing gas enters the expansion ash hopper of the suction device. dust for preliminary collection, and distributed evenly through the deflector.Between each filter bag, dust is retained on the outer surface of the filter bag.In order to make the device resistance not exceed 1200Pa, gas High pressure is pulsed through the solenoid valve, so that the compressed air (0.5~0.7MPa) in the air bag blown by the orifice of the nozzle is injected (called primary air) producing many times the air surrounding air (called secondary air) through the venturi tube into the filter bag and rapidly expands immediately, and removes dust along with the opposite direction of the air flow to achieve clean dust. purpose.
4. The filter bag of the DECENT MACHINERY XMC sub-chamber pulse filter bag is usually made of polyester glitter felt and the permissible temperature can reach 120 ℃. If the filter bag is passed the Metas temperature is high above the allowable temperature of the material. filter, the exhaust gas will enter the dust collector.Cooling measures should be taken before.This series of vacuum cleaners has nine specifications: 60-2, 60-3, 60-4, 60-5 , 60-6, 70-5, 70-6, 70-7, 70-8. Specific performance parameters are as follows:



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