PLC Cement Dust Collection System Factory Pulse Bag Filter 1.2/min

PLC Cement Dust Collection System Factory Pulse Bag Filter 1.2/min

The detail information of product:

Source: China
Certifications: SGS ISO CE
Model Number: PPC64-7


Minimum order quantity: Negotiate
Price: Negitionable
Packing details: Plastic film inner packing, export special wooden box outside packing.
Delivery time: 30 days after receiving the payment
Terms of payment: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Ability to provide: 100 sets/sets per month


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31200m3/H industrial vacuum cleaner with excellent filtration efficiency



(1) Imported cellulose fibers or synthetic fibers as a base

medium (80% cellulose and 20% polyester).

(2) Excellent filtering effect.

(3) Wide pleat gap, excellent filter surface.

(4) Upper and lower electrochemical plate, stainless

(5) Perforated galvanized metal inner core, allowing good airflow.

(6) Special chlorinated rubber gasket to ensure airtightness.

(7) Applicable temperature: 65°C
 Techinal Parameters

paradigm PPC32-3 PPC32-4 PPC32-5 PPC32-6 PPC64-4 PPC64-5 PPC64-6 PPC64-7 PPC64-8
Air handling (m3/h) 6900 8900 11160 13390 17800 22300 26700 31200 35700
Filter wind speed (m/min) 1.2-2.0 (select different filter air speeds according to different dust spots)
Total filter area (m2) ninety three 124 155 186 248 310 372 434 496
Filter net area (m2) 62 ninety three 124 155 186 248 310 372 434
Number of vacuum cleaners (units) 3 4 5 6 4 5 6 7 8
Total number of filter bags (sticks) (pcs) 96 128 160 192 256 320 384 448 512
Dust resistance (Pa) 1470-1770
The dust collector is subjected to negative pressure (Pa) 5000
Concentration of imported gas dust (g/m3) <200 <1000
Concentration of flue gas dust (g/m3) <0.1
Ash Pressure
Shrink Air
Pressure (Pa) (5-7) × 105
Air Consumption (m3/min) 0.27 0.37 0.46 0.55 1.2 1.5 1.8 2.1 2.4
Pulse valve amount of money) 3 4 5 6 4 5 6 7 8
Specifications (inches) 1-1 / 2 2-1 / 2
Poppet valve
(with cylinder)
amount of money) 3 4 5 6 4 5 6 7 8
Specification (mm) Lift valve plate diameter 460, cylinder diameter Φ63 Lift valve plate diameter Φ595, cylinder diameter 100
YJD-16 . star loading and unloading equipment Feed port 300×300, height 400mm, speed 41r/min, gear motor power 1.5kW, output 39.4m3/h
Screw Conveyor specifying No
N / A
Diameter 300, capacity 30m3/h (fill rate = 0.7)
Box Reduce speed No
N / A
Model XWD2.2-5-1/59, capacity 2.2kW
Specifications and filter bag material Diameter × length 130 × 2450, polyester needle felt weight 450g/m2, use temperature 120°C
Insulation area (m2) 26.5 34 41 48.5 70 ninety four 118 124 166
Total weight of the device (approximate value) (Kg) 3110 4400 5700 7000 8940 10750 12570 14380 16200



  1. The net filter area in the table refers to the filtration area when a room is cleaned. The total weight of the unit does not include the weight of the insulation.
  2. The gas consumption in the table refers to the centralized gas supply situation in the plant. If a separate air compressor is installed, the air consumption in the table is multiplied by 1.3.

Equipment advantage

▲ More thorough dust
cleaning Three offline cleaning method (filter, cleaning, static) is adopted to avoid cleaning “re-adsorption”.
▲ More flexible design
According to the requirements of working conditions, the settling chamber can be designed to increase the life of the filter bag, the dust concentration can be as high as 1000g/Nm3.
▲ More convenient control
Adopt PLC program or special pulse controller to control the dust removal, and it can be timed and manual, which ensures the efficient dust removal of the air compressor.
Time description: program the time to automatically clean the dust from room to room
Instructions for use: Automatic control is used during normal working. When a machine has a problem, manual control can be switched randomly to avoid changing the program and causing excessive accumulation of ash in the ash hopper, jamming the drill bit or causing dust to accumulate in the pipeline, reducing suction efficiency and causing damage. pipeline is clogged.
▲ Lower cost
Separate chamber cleaning and spraying: One pulse valve can spray one chamber at the same time (the number of filter bags has specification series 32, 64, 96).Compared with conventional vacuum cleaners Normally, a 6 bag blower valve, the number of pulse valves is reduced from 6-20 times.

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