Pulse jet system of Polyester air vacuum cleaner for sandblasting treatment

Pulse jet system of Polyester air vacuum cleaner for sandblasting treatment

The detail information of product:

Source: China
Certifications: SGS ISO CE
Model Number: PPC32-3


Minimum order quantity: negotiate
Price: Negitionable
Packing details: Plastic film inner packing, outer special wooden box packing.
Delivery time: 30 days after receiving payment
Terms of payment: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Ability to provide: 100 sets/sets per month


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Air Pulse Jet industrial vacuum cleaner for sandblasting treatment

Product Description

Decent pulse vacuum cleaner is researched and developed for vacuuming and vacuuming of crushers and grinders. Pulse bag vacuum cleaners use advanced cleaning technology, increasing the proportion of air significantly in the bag. , dust removal efficiency can reach over 99%.Decent pulse vacuum cleaner is our sophisticated technology and efficient dust removal equipment.

Under the action of the blower, the dusty airflow is sucked into the dust extraction chamber from the bottom or the side. Those large dust particles will go down due to the reduced speed of the air flow. Meanwhile, those fine dust particles will go down. , will be prevented from the outer layer of the filter bag. When the compressed air blows against the filter bag, the fine particles will separate from the bag and go down with the large particles. Finally, the dust particles will be discharged to the outside. and the purified air will be discharged to the top of the cleaning chamber. Finally, it plays the role of dust collection, the purpose of preventing air pollution.

Technical parameters

PARADIGM Weight / kg) Lesson Number of ink cartridges Filter area (m2) L * W * H (mm) Airflow (m/h)
SFF3-12 1720 first twelfth 276 1021 × 2275 × 4513 8400
SFF3-24 2600 2 24 552 2042 × 2275 × 4513 16800
SFF3-36 3640 3 36 826 3063 × 2275 × 4513 25200
SFF3-48 4840 4 48 1104 4084 × 2275 × 4513 33600
SFF3-60 6100 5 60 1380 5105 × 2275 × 4513 42000
SFF3-72 6860 6 72 1656 6126 × 2275 × 4513 50400
SFF4-16 2130 first 16 368 1021 × 2275 × 4996 11200
SFF4-32 3100 2 32 736 2042 × 2275 × 4996 22400
SFF4-48 4270 3 48 1104 3063 × 2275 × 4996 33600
SFF4-64 5580 4 sixty four 1472 4084 × 2275 × 4996 44800
SFF4-80 7000 5 80 1840 5105 × 2275 × 4996 56000
SFF4-96 8360 6 96 2208 6126 × 2275 × 4996 67200


  1. The net filter area in the table refers to the filtration area when a room is cleaned. The total weight of the unit does not include the weight of the insulation.
  2. The gas consumption in the table refers to the centralized gas supply situation in the plant. If a separate air compressor is installed, the air consumption in the table is multiplied by 1.3.

rules of work

PPC series air box pulse bag filter is composed of upper box body, middle box body, lower box and ash head, ladder, platform, air tank, pulse valve, dragon frame, loading screw, ash unloading valve, electric control cabinet , air press and other components are made as standard. The wiring position of the incoming terminal is set according to the user’s requirements. For the wiring terminal, see the user manual. of the electrical controller.
Under the action of the main fan of the system, the dust-containing gas enters the pre-collection chamber of the dust extraction device from the dust extraction port of the PPC air box bag filter. The dust-containing gas flows into the ash hopper under the action of the dust collector. baffle, and at the same time the flow rate decreases. Slowly, under the action of inertia and the weight of the dust, the coarser dust particles directly fall into the ash hopper and are discharged from the ash discharging mechanism. collected first.Clean air after passing through the filter bag enters the upper box, flows into the louver and is discharged outside.
The body of the air box pulse bag filter is divided into several box areas, and there is a lifting penalty controlled by a cylinder on the side outlet pipe of each box. When the filter bag of the air box pulse filter is operating for one cycle, the ash cleaning controller sends a signal, the poppet valve of the first box room starts to close and cut off the overflow gas, and the pulse valve of the chamber box opens to a value greater than 0.4Mpa.Gas The compressor overflows into the clean air chamber to clear the dust on the filter bag; on completion of this action, the poppet valve reopens, the filter cartridge re-opens, and all dust removal actions are completed according to the above procedures one by one.
DECENT MACHINERY FMQD / PPC series air box pulse bag filter can provide users with different room numbers and different bag numbers PPC32, PPC64, PPC96, PPC128 and other specifications according to other cleaning conditions You can choose from the following table of specifications. If you need technical assistance, you can call the DECENT MACHINERY service hotline: +86-0533-5201284. After explaining the conditions and the needs of your cleaning site with our professional and technical staff, we will provide it for free Provide you with a safer and more affordable dust removal solution

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