Order Tracking No.:101078414839-UK-Fog Cannon

1.17th August.2020-UK-Fog Cannon+Fogging Machine-Received customer’s back receipt.

2.Next we will update the production

3.14th September.2020-Products have been tested before leaving the factory, and have been packaged and shipped.

2.10th July 2021
The cannon body and base of the fog cannon have been made, and the fan motor,water pump,pump motor,impeller has been installed.

3.28th July 2021
The delivery date of generator set is now two weeks ahead of the original plan.The fog cannon is also being produced as planned and is expected to be delivered within two weeks.

4.The generator has arrived at the factory and is assembled, waiting for shipment.

5.The goods already packaged.

6.The goods already shipped

1.The ship is scheduled to depart at 3 pm on September 9th,China time(8 am on September 9th,UK time)

2.The wheels have been sent by express.

3.The ship now stops in Yantian(China), the next location is Tanjung Pelepas(Malaysia).

The ship now stops in Suez Egypt, the next location is Rotterdam(Holland)

Expected to arrive in Felixstowe on October 23 

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