Lab Testing

A laboratory test of the blower ordered by our Thai plank manufacturing plant customer was conducted today. The blower purchased by the customer is used on a 20-ton boiler. The first is to test the air volume and air pressure data of the fan, and the fan is connected to the pipeline to simulate the actual working conditions of the customer to the greatest extent. The test equipment introduces foreign advanced technology, and the computer automatically detects and calculates the performance parameters of the fan at different working points. After testing, industrial voltages in different countries can be customized, including 380V, 220v, 400V, 415V, etc., and dual voltages can also be customized for customers. Finally, the noise, speed, and vibration of the fan were tested. If the customer needs it, we can provide customers with noise measurement, vibration measurement, temperature measurement, and other equipment. After the test is completed, the laboratory machine automatically issues an authoritative test report through detection and calculation to ensure the customer’s product performance.

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