Knowledge!Professional ventilation services

Professional ventilation services are divided into 4S services for main fans and 3S services for local fans.

The main fan 4S service provides users with all-round, all-weather, zero-distance professional services such as main fan system products, installation and commissioning, maintenance, renovation and upgrades, and on-site inspections. Service objects are not limited to our company’s products.

Local fan 3S services are divided into two types: overall hosting and inspection and maintenance. The local fan overall hosting service provides users with the general package service of local ventilators. That is to carry out professional maintenance and centralized management of all existing local ventilators (including those in use and in stock) of users, provide local ventilators in a timely manner according to user needs, ensure underground local ventilation requirements, and achieve “overall management of local ventilators” ” operating model. The inspection and maintenance of local fans are mainly aimed at local fans that have been used for a long time, are seriously damaged, and are difficult to repair. In order to give full play to their use value, our company has complete production, testing, and testing equipment, and can undertake inspection, maintenance, and service Work.

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