Iron Mine Ventilation System of Luzhong Mnining Group

Project Name: Iron Mine Ventilation System of Luzhong Mnining Group
Date of Project: 08-08-2014

Product Introduction:

Mine axial flow main fan, widely used in coal mines and non-coal mines. Personalized design according to user requirements, using ternary flow theory and INVENTOR software for 3D modeling, flow field simulation optimization in FLUENT software, and advanced airfoil design and manufacturing. The product has the characteristics of high efficiency, low noise, convenient installation, stable performance and easy maintenance. Users can choose different configurations according to their needs. The basic configuration is: collector, main engine, diffuser, and optional: non-stop wind reversing system, explosion-proof door, online monitoring, damper, air duct, electric running mechanism, Automatic oiler, muffler, diffusion tower, etc.

Construction site in 2022

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