How to choose mine fan in mining enterprise

With the rapid development of the modern industry, we are generally inseparable from the mining fan equipment in the production of the industry, but when we are generally in the mining production, which kind of machine will be used? Follow the small editor to learn about it. 

From the point of view of size, the structure size of the mine fan is slightly shorter than that of the ordinary mine fan, mainly because the mine fan can directly omit the guide vane. In addition, the transmission effect of the mine fan is better than that of the ordinary fan, and the impeller of the fan can be directly installed on the motor shaft, which is the so-called transformation of the traditional fan. In this way, the transmission device can be avoided in the process of use. On the one hand, the energy consumption is directly reduced. On the other hand, it improves the transmission efficiency of the fan device. Since there is no efficiency loss on the stator blades, its efficiency is much higher than that of ordinary fans.


In mining enterprises, there is a type of fan that is not often used by users. Strictly speaking, it is called axial flow cyclone. Its advantage is that it is very flexible in the process of use. The two stages of the cyclone working wheel are respectively driven by two motors, so in different use states, it can carry out a variety of combinations to effectively deal with various situations. One level of idling can be matched into a leading rotor vane stage or a rotor vane stage plus a rear guide vane stage, and can also be matched with a stationary vane as an accessory. Thus the grating distance can be adjusted to achieve the purpose of air volume regulation. Normally, the opposite axial flow fan has a great reverse air supply, up to 70%~80% is no problem, but the household fan can only reach 30%~40% of the air supply.


Although the axial fan can play its unique performance advantages in industrial and mining enterprises, the overall disadvantages outweigh the advantages. There are vibration, wear and other shortcomings and deficiencies in the process of use. Of course, the mining fan will also exist in such a way that in addition to being paid attention to in the usual maintenance, it is often necessary to replace the parts that are easy to break, to ensure the normal use of the fan.


After reading the introduction of the above small series of mine fans, enterprises can adopt the suggestions of the above small series to choose when selecting the type. When we choose, we can choose according to the environment of the enterprise itself and the needs of the enterprise to ensure the production of the enterprise.

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