FGACZ series axial flow fan is a special high-efficiency safety fan for mines.

It is a large and medium-sized main fan specially designed according to the actual needs of large mines and adopts an external motor structure to facilitate user maintenance. This series of fans has reasonable structure, advanced moving blade adjustment system and excellent aerodynamic performance, stable operation, low noise and wide adjustment range. It is an ideal ventilation equipment for coal mines, metal mines and other mines. It is especially suitable for large air volume mines dominated by fully mechanized mining machinery. 

Structural features:
1. The fan is mainly composed of the current collector, the main body, the diffuser, the transmission shaft, the motor and other components; it is generally installed in the machine room, and the machine room is equipped with lifting equipment, which is convenient for installation and maintenance; each component is separately fixed on the cement foundation. connection to reduce vibration transmission.
2. The fan is driven by a single motor, and the motor is installed outside the fan through the long shaft. This installation method is especially suitable for the large difference in power before and after the use of large mines. The fan design is not limited by the size of the motor, and different motors are used according to needs, saving Energy, easy to replace.
3. FGACZ series fans are selected according to the parameters of mine working conditions. They can be equipped with single impeller or double impeller. Guide vanes are installed at the front and rear of the impeller, which improves the efficiency of the fan.
4. The fan is equipped with an electric brake device, which is easy to operate and easy to reverse the wind quickly. The reverse wind procedure can be completed in 5 minutes. The reverse air volume is more than 60% of the normal air volume.
5. The fan is equipped with a non-stop refueling device and an oil discharge device, which can be filled with lubricating oil during operation.
6. Temperature measuring elements and vibration measuring elements are embedded between the bearing seat of the fan and the bearing of the motor and the stator winding, which can display the temperature and vibration data of each part of the fan during operation.
7. The blade material is forged aluminum alloy, which is finished by multi-axis linkage CNC machining center, which eliminates the error from design to processing. The blade shape line on the same wheel is consistent, which greatly improves the aerodynamic performance of the fan.

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