FBCZ Mining Extraction Axial Ventilation Fan

FBCZ series mine ground explosion-proof withdrawable axial flow fan is a new type of main fan with large air volume, low air pressure, high efficiency, and energy saving. It is developed in combination with the ventilation network parameters of the Zhongxiao Nong Coal Mine. It can meet the ventilation requirements of small and medium-sized coal mines and large-scale coal mines where multiple fans operate together. It is more suitable for the needs of large air volume and low wind resistance mines mainly based on fully mechanized mining machinery. The machine has the characteristics of compact structure, high efficiency, remarkable energy-saving effect, low noise, good anti-wind performance, etc. It is an ideal ground main fan. This product is also suitable for metal mines, chemical mines, tunnels, and other factories and mines where fans are used.
The highest full pressure efficiency of the impeller: 0. 93
The highest full pressure efficiency of the device: 0. 80
Maximum static pressure efficiency: 0.75
Reverse air volume: more than 60%
Air volume range: 90-12600m3/min
Static pressure fan garden: 46-1750pa
Motor power range: 3-450KW
1. FBCZ series fans are composed of a collector, main engine, diffuser, and other components.
2. The FBCZ series fan adopts the direct connection between the motor and the impeller, which reduces the ventilation resistance loss such as the “S” type air duct, improves the efficiency, and also reduces the safety hazards and maintenance troubles caused by the “S” air duct, and improves the operation safety.
3. The fan is equipped with a high-quality explosion-proof motor for fan. The motor is placed in a separation chamber with certain pressure resistance so that the motor is isolated from the gas-containing air flow in the mine. The separation chamber is provided with an air duct for automatic ventilation of the atmosphere. , to facilitate heat dissipation and diversion. This not only increases the explosion-proof performance of the motor but also facilitates the heat dissipation of the motor, thereby increasing the safety of the fan operation.
4. In the rotating part of the fan’s impeller, a copper damage device to prevent frictional sparks is installed to prevent the blades from colliding with the simple wall during high-speed rotation and sparking, causing accidents.
5. The fan is equipped with a non-stop refueling device and an oil discharge device, which can be filled with lubricating oil during operation. When the fan is stopped, the oil discharge port cover can be opened to eliminate waste oil.
6. The temperature measuring element is embedded between the bearing and the stator winding of the motor, which can display the temperature of each part during the operation of the fan.
7. The wind blade adopts the twisted wing shape, which has good aerodynamic performance, a wide high-efficiency area, and a remarkable energy-saving effect.
8. The blade is an adjustable structure, and the angle of the blade can be adjusted according to different working points to keep the fan running in the high-efficiency area.
9. The highest total pressure efficiency of the impeller: is 0.93, the highest total pressure efficiency of the device: is 0.80, the highest static pressure efficiency: is 0.75, Reverse air volume: is more than 60%, and air volume range: is 90-12600m3/min static pressure range: 46-1750pa, Motor power range: 3-450KW

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