FBCD series withdrawable rotary local fan

FBCD series withdrawable rotary local fan is an energy-saving local fan developed and produced by our company for the current needs of some coal mines to discharge gas and dirty wind (gas concentration does not exceed 3%). This series of fans has the characteristics of a compact structure, low noise, high wind pressure, significant flow rate, and high efficiency. The ventilation distance can be increased when using counter-rotating ventilation; When the ventilation distance is short, a single machine can be used, and the air volume is unchanged, reducing energy consumption and saving energy. It is mainly used in the environment containing explosive substances (gas and coal dust) in coal mines and is used for local extractive ventilation, which can meet the needs of the mine ventilation network and safe production. Pumping and draining underground local gas accumulation or combined with dust removal equipment to eliminate flour dust and improve the working environment, is an ideal piece of equipment for local extractive ventilators.

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