Decent Machinery Technical Team Visit Pakistan Project Site!

To create a new environmental protection benchmark for Pakistan’s copper smelting plant – we added a WESP dust removal system and bag dust collector to improve the scrubber


On September 20, 2023, ZIBO Decent is pleased to announce that we were invited to visit the project site of a copper smelting plant in Pakistan to provide it with a rectification plan to solve the problem of black smoke from the scrubber tower.


As a copper smelter that uses reverberatory furnaces for production, Pakistani customers have recently faced environmental problems such as black smoke emitted from scrubbers. In order to solve this problem, ZIBO Decent engineers carefully inspected and proposed a complete rectification plan.


In order to effectively reduce the pollution emissions of the copper smelting plant, ZIBO Decent’s expert team added a WESP dust removal system and a bag dust collector. This move will not only improve the operating efficiency of the plant’s existing systems but also provide a cleaner environment for local residents, helping to protect the health and safety of residents in surrounding communities.


We sincerely thank the Pakistan Copper Smelter for their attention and trust and are determined to make more contributions to environmental protection. ZIBO Decent will continue to be committed to providing high-quality services and innovative technologies to find solutions to global environmental issues.

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