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People are afraid of two things:

First is quality and it is obvious.

Second is communications. Because they think that if communication is not good during negotiation, in future in case of problems it could only be worse. Thus people are afraid if they see that answers take long time to arrive during negotiation,or if questions are not properly answered.

Many suppliers do not know this and do many mistakes.But we have long experience in dealing with customers from over 120 countries. We sincerely welcome you to visit factory before loading the containers, In case you cannot visit China then we will help you to hire a legal third party company for inspection to make you assured.

We do cherish the opportunity to do long-term business with you. To show our sincerity,we promise:

A: You will have at least 4 contacts to get timely services:

B: A video conference between you and DECENT MACHINERY technical department will be held before fabrication,all  technical details will be discussed and analyzed face to face,to avoid any mistake.

C: After conference,sales will share a memo for final confirmation,and arrange production  immediately.

D: At every stage of the production process, DECENT MACHINERY will share photos and videos to show status of  production in every 3 days.

E: To ensure the smooth delivery,DECENT MACHINERY will contact you if there’s anything need help during  production. Thanks for your support in advance.

F: Each order has a unique number, which is used to track the progress of the order. You can  quickly find all the status of your order from our website (, including  production,installation,testing,packing,loading,shipping progress, etc.

G: After goods have been received,maintenance advice provided by DECENT MACHINERY’s service department from tome to time.

H: DECENT MACHINERY’s service department will share product knowledge and new technologies every week,help you grasp market trends  better and win more opportunities.

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