Large Ventilator Inspection System Sharing Agreement

Zibo Decent Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Decent), following the market trend and in a timely manner, contributed to the first order of ” shared manufacturing”.
On November 28, 2019, we went to the National Coal Mine Dustproof Ventilation Safety Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and took home a ” Large Ventilator Inspection System Sharing Agreement” signed with the inspection center. This sharing agreement is currently the only agreement authorized by the National Safety Production Chongqing Mining Equipment Testing and Inspection Center to authorize testing functions. Its signing has opened a new profit window for Decent.
In recent years, based on the rise of technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things, the sharing economy has accelerated its penetration into the field of manufacturing, and the concept of ” shared manufacturing” has emerged. This model gathers the scattered and idle production resources of the manufacturing industry and shares them with the demand side to achieve a win-win effect. This development trend has allowed Decent to find a new way. The company has domestic leading equipment manufacturing capabilities, testing, and inspection capabilities, and high-profile technical personnel in key positions, which have become the company’s advantageous resources for ” shared manufacturing”. At present, Decent has various large-scale fan production lines, with more than 200 main production equipment and more than 300 main products, basically including all types of mining and subway fan series products, and is firmly in the industry. Decent’s mining fan full performance testing experimental station was established in 2007. It mainly serves various series of fan products in the factory. Fans with 2*900KW, an air volume of 160000m3/h, and wind pressure below 6000Pa are subjected to full performance testing. Because of their complete variety, high voltage level, and strong power, they were included in the Engineering Research Center’s Axial Flow Ventilation Equipment Engineering Laboratory in 2016. Although the laboratory has high investment and complete performance, the detection capacity is not saturated, which has become the first choice for companies to share resources.
In order to reasonably match the shared resources and dynamically share them with the demander, we must rely on the platform to lead and the cluster to lead, and Decent’s geographical and industrial situation just fits this advantage. ” There are more than 40 ventilation manufacturers in the country, and there are 19 in Zibo and surrounding areas. Zibo ventilation manufacturing industry has formed a certain industrial cluster in the national mining ventilation industry, providing regional and Technical advantages.”
If industrial clusters are geographically advantageous, then the national policy dividend is the time to get through the last mile of ” shared testing”. Since September 2019, the company has begun to negotiate and communicate with the Chongqing Mining Equipment Testing and Inspection Center. On October 29, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the ” Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Cultivation of New Models and New Formats of Shared Manufacturing and Promoting the High-quality Development of Manufacturing”, Making this idea a reality. The ” Opinions” clearly stated that authoritative testing and inspection institutions should take the lead in demonstrations, share service capabilities, and share the needs of enterprises such as experimental platforms, testing technologies, and public resources for product testing, inspection, acceptance, and other projects. This is a major breakthrough. The company has achieved the maximum release of laboratory testing capabilities by taking advantage of ‘ shared manufacturing ‘.
At present, the company has successively undertaken the fan testing projects of the fan factories around Zibo. In addition to the detection of mining fans, the testing laboratory has also built a comprehensive simulation test air duct for subway fans. This air duct is currently the only comprehensive test air duct in China that simulates the operating environment of large-scale axial fans. The company’s entry into the subway provides a strong guarantee, and also greatly saves the cost of product transportation and testing.
In order to complete the tasks assigned by the National Safety Production Chongqing Mining Equipment Testing and Inspection Center with high quality, the company strictly follows the testing standards, implements the confidentiality requirements of the agreement, and improves the technical level of the testing personnel. In the next step, we must take advantage of the situation to share idle equipment, advanced technology, and talents in the factory area, cultivate new economic growth points, and at the same time share external advanced technology experience, improve the digitalization level of the company, and guide the company to accelerate the digitalization of the production process.

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