Customer factory inspection

Today we received the factory inspection representative of our Russian oil refining and petrochemical group company. It is mainly for the furnace fan of the asphalt production plant, which is the product to be purchased by the customer this time, with the purpose of flue-gas movement and air movement. The first is to introduce the production process of our factory to our customer’s factory inspection representative. The precise laser cutting and blanking machine ensure that the raw materials are accurately cut according to the size of the drawing, and the impeller and casing robot welding arm is invested and introduced to make the welding of the product. The seam is uniform, there is no weld splash, and the welding production process is well controlled. The customer and the customer’s factory inspection representative are very satisfied with this. Secondly, the representative showed the sandblasting equipment to improve the product surface paint adhesion, and customers no longer have to worry about the severe problem of paint peeling after long-term outdoor use.


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