Check the multi-stage centrifugal blower equipment.

Today, we went to our factory to check the multi-stage centrifugal blower equipment. Multi-stage centrifugal blowers can be widely used in various smelting blast furnaces, coal washing plants, sewage treatment, and other occasions for conveying air, and can also convey other special gases. This series of blowers has high efficiency, low noise, stable operation, few wearing parts, and easy installation and operation. The blower housings in this series are made of cast iron. The main shaft of the rotor is made of high-quality carbon steel, and the impeller is made of alloy steel. The high-speed fan can be customized with different materials according to the customer’s application. In addition, this series of blowers adopts rolling bearings and sliding bearings respectively. The lubrication system includes the main oil pump, electric oil pump, mailbox, oil cooler, oil filter, and high-temperature oil tank. When shut down due to power failure, the high-level oil tank can continue to maintain lubrication for a certain period of time, thereby ensuring the safe shutdown of the unit.

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