Centrifugal fan blower assembly videos.

We are here, at our factory.
Today, we are going to take a video of the assembly of large blowers.
Since our blowers can be customized according to customer requirements, sometimes the size of the centrifugal blower will be very large, which exceeds the size that can be accommodated in the container. Therefore, for the convenience of transportation, we will disassemble the blower for transportation. In this way, the customers need to assemble it by themselves after receiving it. In order for customers to assemble faster and more smoothly, we record videos today.

This blower is the one we will export to our customer from Azerbaijan, it will be used in a steel plant to suck air. The blower is 250KW, air flow 120000m3/h, pressure 4900Pa.
Regarding the size, it’s 3750mm long, 3250 mm wide, and 2900mm high, the weight is over 4000kgs. Too big to fit directly into the container, so it needs to be divided into several parts then can fit into a 40GP container.

Our workers will show how to assemble it step by step, and all will be recorded very clearly.
We will add subtitles to the whole video and send it to our customers. It is believed that through our video explanation, customers will be very clear about how to assemble it.

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